Weekly Roundup: Surrey Hills Joins the Resistance

Big Oil Thwarted Again

Michael Gove, the UK’s environmental Secretary of State, has blocked oil companies from drilling in a region of Surrey. This marks a major victory in a 10-year legal battle to defend ancient woodland in that area.



No-Kill, No-Carbon

A new study by a free-market think tank shows that switching to lab-grown meat could reduce meat-related greenhouse gas emissions by up to 96%. As lab-grown meat approaches the affordability of alternatives like the already-popular Impossible Burger, it will simply make economic sense for companies to switch to lower-carbon-footprint options. 


Fiscal Common Sense

A new report shows how switching to renewables over the next 15 years has the potential to generate $25 trillion in economic benefits, while creating 65 million new jobs and preventing 700,000 premature deaths. 


Out on the Open Sea

The world’s largest off-shore wind farm just opened in the Irish Sea. The site is as big as 20,000 soccer fields and will generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 590,000 UK homes. 


In Other Wind Tech News…

A pair of inventors was awarded a James Dyson award for designing a new, compact wind turbine that can capture energy from wind blowing in any direction, which would make it easier to generate wind power in cities. 

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