Weekly Roundup: People Make the World Go Round

Rise for Climate

Last Saturday, over 250,000 people protested across all 7 continents during the Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice day of action. Activists called on world leaders to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.


When People and Trees Work Together

A group of 17 philanthropic organizations this week commited $459 million to support land-based solutions to climate change, focusing in particular on forests and the land rights of indigenous communities.


Ready Player One

New research shows that 81% of the 2,000 participants who played a gamified climate change simulation showed an increased desire to fight climate change, regardless of political ideology. You can play the simulation here!


Sounds Good to Me

Sony announced that they are targeting 100% renewable electricity by 2040, and McKinsey & Company plans to be 100% renewable by 2025—the first management consultancy of its kind to make such a commitment.


With or Without You

A new report shows how activists, companies, and municipalities are working to meet the US climate targets from the Paris Agreement, regardless of the lack of support from the current administration. Existing commitments have us on track for a 17% reduction in emissions by 2025 (down from 2005 levels), and the report lays out a plan to meet the promised 25% reduction.

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