Millions Marched for Climate. Here’s What’s Next.

Last Friday, over 4 million people worldwide joined the Global Climate Strikes. Yesterday, at least 2 million more marched! 500,000 people marched in Montreal—the largest climate rally of all time. Young leaders are truly showing us the way. Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN on Monday spoke truth to power. Her passion, grief, and rage are palpable. This is a global wake-up call.

Greta Thunberg’s 4 minute speech at the United Nations was heard around the world.

There are more amazing videos below, and you should bask in the sheer magnitude of these strikes for a moment. But you may also be asking yourself: What’s next? What do I do now? Here are some ideas:

  • Check out the Global Climate Strike’s “What’s Next” page. Join one of the local campaigns.
  • VOTE! Local elections are coming up. The Democratic primaries are around the corner. We must show up, vote against hate, and vote for climate action.
  • Get involved in local politics. Show up to your city council meetings and school board meetings and bring up climate solutions. Tell local politicians to invest in renewables. Go to DC and lobby your representatives (it’s more possible than you think).
  • Educate the people around you. Start book clubs, start a climate summit at a local school.
  • As always, consider your personal impact on the environment. We need massive systemic change, but we also need to walk the walk at an individual level. Drive less—ride a bike or local transit when you can. Fly less. Eat less meat.

Together, we can all make a difference.

Now for those amazing videos I mentioned! Enjoy:

Montreal, Canada (500,000 marched):

Rome, Italy (200,000 marched)

Austria (150,000 marched)

Santiago, Chile (100,000 marched)

Barcelona, Spain (100,450 marched)

New Delhi, India

Vancouver, Canada

Arusha, Tanzania

Seoul, South Korea

Copenhagen, Denmark

Mumbai, India

Milan, Italy

Budapest, Hungary

Quebec City, Canada

Göteberg, Sweden

Santa Barbara, California, USA

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Wellington, New Zealand

Lausanne, Switzerland

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Moscow, Russia

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