Weekly Roundup: Cleaner Water, Cleaner Energy, Safer World

Federal Judge Reinstates the Clean Water Rule for 26 States

“A federal judge issued a nationwide injunction Thursday on the Trump administration’s order delaying the Clean Water Rule, making the Obama-era regulation applicable in the 26 states that have not blocked it.”


LED bulbs.jpg

Europe to Ban Halogen Lightbulbs

“After nearly 60 years of brightening our homes and streets, halogen lightbulbs will finally be banned across Europe on September 1. LEDs consume five times less energy than halogen bulbs and their phase-out will prevent more than 15m tonnes of carbon emissions a year, an amount equal to Portugal’s annual electricity usage.”

Indigenous Australians Take Fight Against Giant Coal Mine to the United Nations

“The Wangan and Jagalingou asked the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to urgently ensure Australia protects their homelands and culture.”

Chemical Safety Rules Will Be Enforced, Despite EPA’s Attempts to Delay

“A federal court has blocked an attempt by the Trump administration to delay safety regulations for chemical plants – the latest in a string of recent legal setbacks for the administration in its attempts to reverse environmental standards.”

Business park plans 15 MW, unsubsidized solar farm

“A UK business park is planning Britain’s first subsidy-free, onsite solar farm—and it’s going to be built at a scale (15 MW) that should make the 76-business location entirely carbon negative. Not only that, but the developers are promising an internal rate of return of 7% to the investors too.”

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