Weekly Roundup: Environmental Justice for All

No Sir, You Are the Pest

A federal court has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban chlorpyrifos—a pesticide linked to learning disorders in children. Several environmental groups suded sued the government, backed by 7 states, and just won the case in a federal court.


Ecuador Amazon-optimized

Pay Up

Chevron must pay $9.5 billion in compensation for environmental damage according to a federal court in Ecuador. Chevron dumped billions of gallons of toxic oil waste in the Amazon rainforest in indigenous lands between 1964 and 1990. So now they have to pay. 

On the Road for Climate Action-optimized

On the Road for Climate Action

Shahir Masri is an air pollution scientist with a PhD from Harvard in environmental exposure assessment. He and his girlfriend, Athina Simolaris (a high school teacher), are going on the road to teach people in 35 states about climate change. 


A Different Kind of Roundup

A federal judge in Brazil has ordered the suspension of products containing glyphosate—the chemical used by Monsanto in their Roundup weedkiller. Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of soybeans, so the potential impact is huge. 


Stop in the Name of the Law

Construction on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been halted, just a few months after the Mountain Valley Pipeline ran into similar issues. In both cases, key permits were rejected by federal judges for being too hastily obtained without assessing environmental impact. 

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