Weekly Roundup: The Grand Canyon Protected

Protecting the Land

On Monday, the supreme court upheld an Obama-era ruling restricting uranium mining near the Grand Canyon—a major victory for environmentalists and the Havasupai tribe who lives in the canyon and relies on a local river for water.




And on Tuesday, a federal court voted to revoke a permit needed for the construction of a portion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline, putting a significant roadblock in the way of the pipeline’s construction. This comes after months of peaceful protests and legal organizing to halt the pipeline. 


Actually, That’s Not Trash

This week, the city of Austin, Texas banned restaurants from throwing food waste into trash headed for landfills. These businesses must now donate the food to feed people, give it to local farms, or compost the food waste. 


Building Resilience

A nonprofit is working to plant 750,000 trees in Puerto Rico and establish 33% of the country’s land as protected by 2033. Meanwhile, farmers are growing more crops locally to make the island nation more climate resilient. 


I Want a Good, Clean Flight

Virgin Atlantic succesfully completed the first commercial flight of a 747 running on 5% recycled waste gas from a steel mill. The hope is to eventually transition this jet fuel blend to 50% recycled carbon. 

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