Weekly Roundup: Don’t Boo, Vote


Due to tireless organizing, 64 citizen-driven initiatives will appear on US state ballots this year, including at least 5 that are focused on environmental protections. Washington state, for instance, could be the first state to institute a carbon fee for polluters. Meanwhile, let’s vote these ‘fossil fools‘ out! Register to vote now!

Great Barrier Reef.jpg

Corralling Coral

100 corals have been successfully planted in the Great Barrier Reef, bringing the worldwide total of newly planted corals up to 18,000 in 2018—double the rate of successful plantings 5 years ago. 

Dewayne Johnson

It’s Payback Time

Over 8,700 people across the country have filed lawsuits against Monsanto, following a historic victory last month when a man became the first to sue the agrochemical giant and win $289M as recompense for the cancer he got from Monsanto’s weed killer, Roundup. Bayer—Monsanto’s new parent company—projected lower earnings and watched its stocks fall 3.7% in a single day. 


Behemoth Airbenders

Vesta has unveiled a new gigantic wind turbine that can generate 10 MW from a single turbine. The largest wind turbine currently available generates 8 MW, and GE is currently building another monster turbine that will generate 12 MW by 2021. All making wind more efficient and lower cost! 


Grizzlies Need Protection Too

A judge has returned Yellowstone grizzly bears to the endangered species list after a controversial decision to delist them and allow sport hunting of the species. Grizzlies have only in the last 30 years bounced back from near extinction, going from 135 grizzlies up to 700. Also, Nepal’s tiger population has increased by 19% since 2014. Predators are crucial for the upkeep of ecosystems, so these are two big successes!



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