Weekly Roundup: Swimming in Strange Water

Divest to Impress

The American Medical Association has announced their commitment to divest their financial holdings from fossil fuels—a crucial step forward in their mission to “promote…the betterment of public health.”



Riding on Sunshine

China is testing out roads paved with solar panels. If this solution can be scaled, it will help conserve land and keep renewable power sources closer to cities, which use the most energy.



Survival is the Ability to Swim in Strange Water

New research by the University of California at Berkeley has shown impressive results at harvesting water from the air, even in desert climates—using nothing but sunlight.



Kicking a Dirty Habit

A major coal-fired power plant in Washington state is converting 1,000 acres of mining land into a solar farm. The panels will produce 180 mW of renewable energy as the plant shuts down its coal operations by 2025.



Can Nature Build a Smartphone?

Samsung has committed to go 100% renewable by 2020. The company is starting by installing 42,000 square meters of solar panels at its headquarters in South Korea.

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