Weekly Roundup: All Good Things Are Wild and Free

Born to Be Wild

Conservation initiatives all over the world are seeing success with rewilding animals whose wild counterparts had gone extinct, such as bison in the Netherlands, wolves in Yellowstone, beavers in the UK, and Siberian tigers in South Korea.



I Listen to the Wind…

2017 was a record-breaking year for installation of new renewable energy sources, totaling 178 gigawatts in new renewable power capacity according to REN21, driven mostly by new wind and solar installations.



One Word: Plastics

Tuesday was World Environment Day! In line with the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution,” companies and nations stepped up to eliminate single-use plastics, including India, Ikea, Coles & Woolworths, and these families.



She Said Yes!

In the statewide primary on Tuesday, California voted “Yes” on Prop 68, which sets aside $4 billion for state parks and water quality projects. At least 15% of the funds will go toward serving disadvantaged communities.




Hawaii this week passed a law to make the state carbon neutral by 2045—the most ambitious climate goal in the United States. Their strategies include carbon sequestration and doubling local food production by 2020.

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