Weekly Roundup: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Keepers of the Forest

Five communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo now have legal control over the forests that they depend on. This is a first for the DRC, which just recently adopted a national strategy for community forestry, which (according to research) lowers CO2 emissions and deforestation.


One Heck of a Comment Thread

The EPA has been temporarily thwarted from restricting the use of scientific data in policy-making, thanks in large part to the 600,000 people who commented on the proposal (at Regulations.gov)—a massive outcry from citizens and scientists alike.

scottish wind turbines.jpg

Scotland the Brave

This week, Scottish Power is switching to 100% renewable energy generation. The electric company, whose 5 million customers account for more than 90% of the Scottish population, is selling off its last remaining gas-powered station and investing in solar technology.


Adapt or Perish

Bill Gates, Ban Ki-Moon, and Kristalina Georgieva are leading a new initiative to get world leaders and businesses to invest in resilience efforts to protect from the effects of climate change. Th Global Commission on Adaptation is tasked with convincing the world to up their game and invest $300B annually on adaptation efforts.




Don’t Be Shy

Three anti-fracking activists have been set free after originally being sentenced to more than a year in prison for blocking access to a fracking site. Soon after being set free, they returned to the fracking site to continue their protest. In the US, a Minnesota judge dismissed charges against the famous “valve-turner” activists.

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