Weekly Roundup: Bye Bye, Scott

Later, Alligator

We don’t usually get political at The New Climate. But let’s face it: Scott Pruitt was a nightmare for the environment. After 13 federal investigations and major public outcry, he finally lost his job this week. Next one to boot: Andrew Wheeler.


Go for the Architecture, Stay for the Cycling (🎥)

In the span of 18 months, the city of Seville built 80 km of bike lanes and changed the culture from one of few cyclists to one where bicycles are used by 10% of the population. All with the power of local organizing!


Don’t Be So Crude

Rhode Island is the first state to sue oil companies over climate change. With more than 400 miles of coastline to protect, the Ocean State is taking 14 oil and gas companies to court.Fishing_boats_i_Ratnagiri_optimized

Going the Extra Mile to Fight Plastic Pollution

India has 34,000 km of road made from recycled plastics. These fishermen have salvaged 25 metric tons of plastic from the ocean, dragging it to shore where it is shredded and used as material for these plastic roads.


Saving Lives with Life Hacks

In Puerto Rico, a programmer and a YouTuber joined forces to build 44 DIY solar generators for the elderly in his community who still have no electricity due to Hurricane Maria.

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