Weekly Roundup: How We Will Evolve Faster

You Better Belize It

UNESCO has taken Belize’s Barrier Reef System off of its list of endangered sites. The country’s government has taken substantial steps to protect the reef and shows us what is possible when a country steps up to protect life.



You. Shall not. Pass.

A U.S. federal appeals court has ordered a halt on construction of parts of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The court sided with environmental groups like The Sierra Club, who argued that West Virginia’s rivers and streams would be subjected to an illegal amount of time under construction.



Evolution At Warp Speed

After a virus wiped out millions of ochre starfish 5 years ago, researchers have found an incredible in-born resiliency in younger generations of ochre stars that survived the catastrophe.



Honey Power

Oregon’s largest solar apiary combines a home for honey bees with a solar farm, supporting more resilient food systems while tackling an energy production challenge.



Take That Savings to the Bank

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power will invest $100M over the next 5 years to improve the energy efficiency of low-income housing. Working-class residents will save much-needed cash on their electric bill while helping the planet—thanks, in part, to years of effort from the Energy Efficiency for All Coalition.

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