Weekly Roundup: Don’t Boo, Vote

REGISTER TO VOTE! Due to tireless organizing, 64 citizen-driven initiatives will appear on US state ballots this year, including at least 5 that are focused on environmental protections. Washington state, for instance, could be the first state to institute a carbon fee for polluters. Meanwhile, let’s vote these ‘fossil fools‘ out! Register to vote now! Corralling Coral 100 corals have been successfully planted in the … Continue reading Weekly Roundup: Don’t Boo, Vote

Weekly Roundup: Look for the Helpers

Rebuilding Hurricane Florence—a natural disaster made worse by climate change—left death and destruction in its wake. But the helpers came out of the woodwork: from the Coast Guard to Google to Michael Jordan to everyday citizens. And for what it’s worth, solar infrastructure held up better than nuclear or coal. Germany launches world’s first hydrogen-powered train “Alstom is betting on the technology as a greener, quieter alternative … Continue reading Weekly Roundup: Look for the Helpers