Eagles Light Our Way Forward

Last year, the Department of Environmental Conservation showed record numbers of bald eagles in New York—323 breeding pairs. 2018’s Christmas Bird Count for Ulster & Dutchess counties, where I live, showed double the average number of bald eagles: 55. These majestic birds were on the brink of extinction in 1970. They’ve been brought back (from 487 breeding pairs in the lower 48 states up to … Continue reading Eagles Light Our Way Forward

Lake Erie Now Has a Bill of Rights

Climate success stories from around the web — February, 2019. Gotta Fight for the Right… The Lake Erie watershed will be entitled to environmental rights to “exist, flourish and naturally evolve” thanks to residents and activists in Toledo, Ohio. Get Out of the New Road If You Can’t Lend a Hand Youth climate strikes have taken off all over the world, spurred on by leaders … Continue reading Lake Erie Now Has a Bill of Rights