Kirtland's Warbler

Kirtland’s warbler saved, Lyft goes carbon neutral, Boulder sues Exxon

This week’s optimistic environmental news (4/20/2018):

  • The U.K. Just Went 55 Hours Without Using Coal for the First Time in History – “No coal was used for power generation by stations in the U.K. between 10:25 p.m. in London on Monday until 5:10 a.m. on Thursday, according to grid data compiled by Bloomberg. At the same time wind turbines produced more power.”
  • This rare songbird is back from the brink, thanks to the Endangered Species Act – “This is a story of success, says Jamie Rappaport Clark, president and CEO of the nonprofit Defenders of Wildlife, in a statement. ‘Habitat loss and nest parasitism nearly drove the Kirtland’s warbler to extinction. But thanks to the collaboration and scientific research that theEndangered Species Act requires, we were able to recover this songbird for future generations.'”
  • Boulder Sues Exxon Over Climate Change – “Among other things, [the lawsuit] cites a 1979 internal Exxon document that discusses academic research around possible changes in the climate once atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide reach about 500 parts per million. The document mentions the flow of the Colorado River diminishing, water shortages in the Southwest becoming more acute, and less winter snowpack in the Rockies. (The CO2 concentration today is about 410 ppm, up from 317 ppm 60 years ago.)”
  • Poland violated EU laws by logging in Białowieża forest, court rules – “James Thornton, the chief executive of the green law firm ClientEarth, said: ‘This is a huge victory for all defenders of Białowieża forest. Hundreds of people were heavily engaged in saving this unique, ancient woodland from unthinkable destruction.'”
  • Lyft will invest ‘millions’ in effort to become completely carbon neutral – “‘Lyft rides are now carbon-neutral through the direct funding of emission mitigation efforts,’ the company’s co-founders, Logan Green and John Zimmer, said in a blog post, ‘including the reduction of emissions in the automotive manufacturing process, renewable energy programs, forestry projects, and the capture of emissions from landfills.'”

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